Welcome to Cove Recruitment

Operating Nationally, we are a specialist recruitment agency with a strong footprint across South Wales and the West, recruiting the very best talent across the UK and Europe for the Private, Public and Non-Profit sectors.

In building a successful business a combination of elements are required, one of the most important among which are people. This is why to ensure business success in the future, finding and retaining the right individuals is critical.

Which is why at Cove we are focused on talent acquisition. Recruiting might deliver on the short-term hiring needs of a company but the art of talent acquisition is focused on the long-term goals in terms of HR strategy of an organisation.

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Destination Talent

We are so much more than your average recruiter, we match our clients with the right talent every time and collaboration is key to us achieving this.

At our heart we believe in working alongside businesses to fulfil their hiring needs as an extension of their team.

Using over 50 years of experience in the UK and internationally we help companies source across our nine key sectors to deliver our clients ambitions for growth and success.

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Exceptional service

Each client has a dedicated account manager on hand to service their account, answer questions and help ensure the recruitment process is as smooth as possible. We see this as professionalism with a personal touch.

flexible solutions

We understand that your business needs are always changing. Our agile approach makes it easy for you to expand your team in a way that makes sense for you, with freelancers, contractors or permanent staff. And if you have a project need, Aquent Studios can help with that too.

Fully vetted candidates

We meet every prospective hire before they’re referred to you, and make sure they’re thoroughly screened via an independent skills assessment. We also evaluate a candidate’s ability to work from home through reference checks from previous employers, and we’ll stay in touch to make sure you’re 100% happy that you’re a perfect fit.

latest tech and tools

We have all the tools you need to help you through the recruitment process, from evaluating candidates and tracking freelancers, to online timecards and reporting. We also use a suite of cutting-edge proprietary tools behind the scenes, ensuring a seamless experience and the perfect fit every time.

from One to many

Supporting your team development from individual hires to complete teams for short term, long term or project based activities. We have the experience and expertise to help you structure your team and support your growth.

Insights and Resources

Tap into a wealth of up-to-date content including trends, insights, how-to guides and weekly blogs to stay in the loop on the ever-changing needs of the creative and digital marketing workforce.

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